Nanotechnologies in Bioscience

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Nanotechnology is an emerging technology with enormous potential in the bioscience industry, including biotechnology, medicine, medical technology, disease treatment and human healthcare.

Join Dr. Toby Gill as he discusses the latest developments in nanotechnology. Dr. Jeff Hrkach will then present different approaches to targeted therapeutics such as molecularly targeted drug molecules, nano medicines and antibody-drug conjugates. Examples and a case study will be included.

A live Q & A with the audience will follow the main presentation.

Speaker Presentations:






Dr. Toby Gill, Independent Nanotechnology   Professional, UK

“Nanotechnologies in Bioscience”

Dr. Toby Gill will provide an overview of the current developments taking place around the applications of nanotechnologies in the field of Biosciences. This general introduction is aimed at those interested in learning more about the emerging applications of nanotechnologies in biosciences.

Topics to be discussed include the potential of nanotechnology for applications in agricultural and food sciences, biomedical engineering, animal biotechnology, ecology and synthetic biology. In addition to an overview of the impact nanotechnology is expected to have on the sector as a whole, Dr.Gill will also focus on the current work taking place around targeted therapeutics and drug development.

Speaker Biography
Dr.Toby Gill has spent over 9 years supporting the UK micro and nanotechnology community. During this time he has been responsible for the organisation of conferences, trade missions and workshops, has represented the UK at international tradeshows, presented on various topics relating to nanotechnology applications and managed the creation of an online network for UK groups working with nanotechnologies.

In his personal time Dr. Gill has also established one of the worlds largest international online communities for professionals interested in developments at the nanoscale on the business networking platform LinkedIn. Prior to this he was responsible for a tour of the UK of a mobile exhibition, demonstrating the use of composite materials to the public and raising awareness of the potential of advanced materials.

Dr. Gill has previous academic experience in emerging technologies with a research background in the area of rapid manufacturing, with specific focus on the laser processing of micro powders. He earned a Ph.D in 2002 for research into the selective laser sintering of ceramic-polymer composites. Other academic achievements include a B.Eng in Materials Science and Metallurgy and an M.Sc in Advanced Manufacturing with Lasers.






Dr. Jeff Hrkach, Senior Vice President of Technology, Research and Development, BIND Therapeutics

“Targeted Therapeutics & Drug Development”

Dr. Jeff Hrkach will provide a case study on the use of nanotechnology in developing targeted therapeutics. Specifically, Dr. Hrkack will speak about Accurins™, a new class of highly selective targeted therapeutics that achieve high and prolonged concentrations at the site of disease, creating optimal therapeutic indices. Accurins™ are precisely engineered to have long circulation half-lives, finely tuned pharmacokinetics and surface-bound targeting ligands that bind selectively to cell-surface receptors on diseased cells.

BIND Therapeutics is developing Accurins™ targeted therapeutics, primarily focused on oncology, using proprietary and partner drug molecules including cytotoxics and molecularly-targeted kinase inhibitors.

Speaker Biography
Jeff Hrkach joined BIND Therapeutics shortly after its founding in 2007 as the Vice President of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Prior to joining BIND Therapeutics, Dr. Hrkach was Senior Director of Drug Delivery and Strategic Product Development at Momenta Pharmaceuticals, serving as program leader for the Drug Delivery and generic Copaxone programs and as Alliance Manager for the Sandoz/Novartis collaboration.

Prior to Momenta, Dr. Hrkach was Director of Pulmonary Formulations at Alkermes, focusing on the AIR large porous particle technology development programs. Dr. Hrkach joined AIR at its inception in 1998 following his postdoctoral research with Professor Robert Langer at MIT.

Dr. Hrkach has over 30 scientific publications and over 30 patents/applications in targeted therapeutics, drug delivery and polymer chemistry. He received his Ph.D. in Chemistry and M.S. in Polymer Science from Carnegie Mellon University and his B.S. in Chemistry from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science.

Date : May 10, 2013

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